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Wednesday 26 September, 2018, 3:12 pm

Parava’s Surumi is busy with school

Parava’s Surumi is busy with school
All those who watched Parava would no doubt have been charmed by the looks of the character Surumi who is Icchappi’s love interest. Well the school-going character Surumi is as real as it gets for the class X student Manaal Sheeraz. Her family is friends with the director of Parava — Soubin Shahir and that is how the role fell into her lap.

Manaal elaborates, “Soubin comes home frequently since he is my father’s friend and one day he took my photo, then called me and told me about Surumi’s character. I never expected this kind of a role in my life for a debut. Since I know Soubin personally, I had a very good comfort level with him and so did not find any reason to be apprehensive. My co-stars were also very nice, including the two boys. Yes, I was nervous on the first day but from day two, I got into the skin of my character and then it went off well.”   What worked in favour of Manaal was that her reel life was not very different from her real life. She also got to learn a lot from her first working experience, picking up acting tips on the way. The charming girl is currently busy with her studies.

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