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Saturday 17 November, 2018, 9:48 pm

Parvathy’s midnight alert

Parvathy’s midnight alert
Actors have been utilising the reach of social media very well to promote movies - their's and their friends', to interact with fans and to stay in limelight always. Recently, they have been using social media to show their non-starry side - of normal, responsible citizens, thereby inspiring many to follow suit and becoming their role models.

This time, it was Take Off actress Parvathy who posted on Instagram a caution message to commuters in Kochi. According to her live video posted on Diwali eve, there was a dangerously low-hanging live power line on the Panampilly Nagar Main Avenue – an upscale residential and commercial area. The live wire had caught on her rearview mirror which was ripped away from the car which suffered no further damage. Till the authorities rectified the issue, people had to be alerted and so, she posted the video and also stood there, alerting the motorists about the lurking danger.

Earlier, Jayasurya's Facbook posts on reckless driving, potholes on roads and his recent act of hospitalising an injured labourer lying on the road were all lauded much. Then there was Unni Mukundan, who tended to an injured dog which was hit by a vehicle.

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