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Patel SIR Failure Is A Big Loss To Jagapathi Babu

Patel SIR Failure Is A Big Loss To Jagapathi Babu
Senior hero Jagapathi Babu is a busy character artiste now.  But still he has tested his luck as a hero with 'Patel S.I.R'.  It was released on July 14.. the response was pathetic.  Even though 'Patel S.I.R' could generate interest among the audience with attention grabbing promos.. it has not transformedinto collections.  Needless to say the movie turned out to be a dud incurring losses to the producer.

Popular distributor cum producer Sai Korrapati produced the film... but the inside talk says that it is JB who actually invested on the film.  He didn't take any remuneration either.  As the movie turned out to be a dud, JB is bearing the losses now.  It is known that JB is earning big as a character artiste.. so his well-wishers said to have asked him not to make such bad investments.  But JB went ahead with his own insticts and bearing the losses now.

It is to be rememebered that JB landed into a financial mess before 'Legend' happened to him.  Many say that his gambling has lead to that situation.  Industry insiders opine that JB has to be careful with his future investments otherwise he will land into a financial mess again.

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