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Pawan Fans next attack on DJ

Pawan Fans next attack on DJ
Allu Arjun's following kept growing in the recent years as he only got better and better as an actor. A comment made by him post the success of 'Sarrainodu' has invited the wrath of Pawan Fans. Not much care has been taken to bridge this gap until recently. PK Fans expressed their anguish in the form of 'dislikes' for DJ Teaser.

During the audio launch of 'DJ', Allu Arjun reacted positively to each and every reference made to Powerstar. However, Few People complain organizers ensured not many Pawan Fans got the passes of 'DJ' audio launch. Even the chants of 'DJ..DJ' at the event instead of 'Powerstar' didn't go down well with Pawan Fans.

Some Hardcore Fans of Pawan Kalyan are gearing up to spread negative talk on Day 1 of 'DJ' release. In case if there is mixed talk from public, A massive trolling is being planned. Meanwhile, PR Team of Allu Arjun is trying to generate as much positive buzz as possible using all the available resources. So, An intense online battle can be expected between the two camps.

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