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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 6:27 pm

Pawan Kalyan's advise to Renu over Second Marriage

Pawan Kalyan's advise to Renu over Second Marriage
Pawan Kalyan & Renu Desai are no more life partners but they wish good luck for each other. When Pawan & his third wife Anna Lezhneva were blessed with a baby girl & baby boy, Renu picked up her phone and congratulated her former Husband. After Renu Desai expressed her wish to marry again, Pawan Kalyan called her and wished her good luck. He even suggested her to do proper background check as the person coming into her life need to take care of Akira Nandan and Aadya as well. When quizzed whether there is discussion on with whom kids has to stay after Divorce, Renu says there is no such conversation between them at all. 'I don't know how much he respects Me as a person or as a wife, but he have immense respect for Me as a Mother because he has seen Me how I take care of our children,' she told. If the search for the ideal life partner ends, Renu Desai may get married in the next year. She reveals meetings few guys chosen by her Parents already but not yet taken a final call.

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