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Pawan Kalyan's Family Headache!

Pawan Kalyan's Family Headache!
Unparalleled Mega image took to a slighter beating on political front when Chiranjeevi completely lost his credibility by shutting down Praja Rajyam Party and joined the Congress mainstream at the cost of benefitting with Rajya Sabha seat. Currently, Chiranjeevi’s Rajya Sabha tenure is all likely to end by March 2018. What’s next for Chiru? Will he get a nomination back to Rajya Sabha from Congress or is this the complete closure of his brief political innings?

Sources say, Chiru is unlikely to get a call from Congress on Rajya Sabha re-nomination. Cashing on this, TDP leader Ganta Srinivasa Rao and YSRCP leader Kanna Babu, who share close bond with Mega camp are said to be alluring Chiru to change the loyalties in favor of either TDP or YSRCP.

While Jump Jilanis are found everywhere from local level to National level political parties, the subject gains importance because Chiranjeevi is most popular figure and an icon for Kapu community.

Given the flimsy nature of Chiranjeevi off the screen as a politician with feeble stance and inconsistent beliefs, there is every chance of Pawan Kalyan and Jana Sena to get affected for any wrong move if made by Mega Star in coming days. Though Mega Brothers are divided on political lines, Pawan Kalyan has to take this unnecessary pressure in these early Jana sena growing up days. This also provides space for rival parties to tie Chiru, Pawan on one family thread and attack them together. Definitely, Pawan is closely observing the scenario.

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