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Pawan Kalyan shouldn't become a Chiranjeevi

Pawan Kalyan shouldn't become a Chiranjeevi
Ram Gopal Varma has opined that Pawan Kalyan shouldn't lose the opportunity to contest all the seats in 2019. "With the tremendous upsurge of credibility @PawanKalyan got becos of involving @JP_LOKSATTA and the intellectual Vundavalli ,even now if he doesn't contest all seats with full confidence @PawanKalyan will be making much bigger mistake than his elder brother in a reverse syndrome," he tweeted.

"The way @PawanKalyan started his Janasena in Hyderabad's Novotel was like a lion's roar but now in the name of pleasing various sections it looks like he's slowly becoming a Chiranjeevi.  I pray for the people of AP that @PawanKalyan realises before it's too late that he's slowly becoming a Chiranjeevi and he's making janasena into becoming worse than prajarajyam," the director further opined.

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