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Sunday 18 November, 2018, 9:01 pm

Peter Hein Decides To Tell An Emotional Story!

Peter Hein Decides To Tell An Emotional Story!
Fight composer Peter Hein, has been one of the most famous fight choreographers India has ever produced as he mixed martial arts with desi action. He is also known as the stylish choreographer. He takes huge risks to pull off death defining stunts. In an interview, he remarked that he had 46 surgeries all over his body and he is driven to make each and every film count as the fight composer.

He is the first person to receive National Award for action sequences for movie, Puli Murugan. National Awards introduced this category this year and he got the honour to receive the first one. He announced at a press event that he is now ready to make a feature film as a director. He won't be making an action drama laced with huge action set pieces but he will make an emotional drama with a mother and son, story.

The movie will go on sets next year and the action choreographer is quite sure that he will be able to make a pleasing film. The movie will have many highlights and sequences it seems even those it is more a family drama. He recently completed his work on Agnyathavasi and also agreed to compose fights for Sanghamitra movie, whenever it goes on floors.

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