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Thursday 18 October, 2018, 1:07 am

pHOTo: Britt beauty gives 'B' blast

pHOTo: Britt beauty gives 'B' blast
Amy Jackson is known for being the most beautiful and hot actress in Indian Cinema. She can send chills down the spine of any youngster with her casual look as well. This British model made a career out of acting in Indian films across the languages.

She did a stunning job in Shankar's I and hence, got the job in 2.0 as the androhumanoid robot created to divert Chitti from the mission. How their love story becomes the crux of the plot and what will Birdman, Akshay Kumar do to eradicate Humans from the earth is the story, as per the reports. Well, the movie is releasing as a summer blockbuster in India, in 2018.

Coming to the story, Amy Jackson in this picture just showed how well she can make to go into dreams just by her casual looking smile. Seductively placed flower in her mouth and cleavage show doesn't let the young hearts gain good night sleep in any case. If you doubt us, look at the photo and tell us we are wrong. We dare you! We double dare you like Arnab ....

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