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Sunday 18 November, 2018, 6:51 pm

Photo Story Anasuya Was Mermaid In Her Previous Life

Photo Story  Anasuya Was Mermaid In Her Previous Life
Hot beauty Anasuya got into the spotlight with the comedy show Jabardasth. She brought a glamorous look to the Telugu small screens and is also proving her talent on the Silver screens as well. Recently she impressed the audience with her performance as Rangammattha in Rangasthalam movie. She never fails to surprise the audience with her sexy poses on social media.

Recently, Anasuya shared her picture on Instagram in which she knelt down at the beach. She posed to the camera with a rose on her head and wearing a thigh length white top. The medicines are commenting that she is looking absolutely stunning I think netizens are going crazy over her beauty. "I think I was a mermaid in my last life. But wait. Mermaids are said to be Immortals. So am I still one? #Oceanloverforever #waterbabe #beachbabeforlife" she captioned her post.
Anasuya has been being choosy in terms of selecting her roled and is planning to establish her career wisely. Because of the blockbuster hit of Ransthalam, everyone are just calling her as Rangammatha wherever she goes and this beauty is also enjoying her fame.

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