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Photo Story: It's Rashmi Bikini Time

Photo Story: It's Rashmi Bikini Time
Rashmi Gautam needs no introduction to Telugu audience, small screen viewers in particular.  Films like 'Guntur Talkies' has given a glimpse of her bold avatar to silver screen audience thus making her popular across the Telugu states.

Rashmi is not confined to TV shows.. Cinema.  She is very active in the social media especially Instagram.  Just like hot Bollywood beauties who are on the mission to give sleepless nights to Indian youth, Rashmi is also following their footsteps.  Rashmi recently posted a photograph where she was cooling off in the swimming pool wearing a bikini.  But she has only posed showing her back and leaving the rest to the imagination.

Her fans wrote interesting comments to her hot pic..one netizen opined that pool water is getting hot.. another netizen demanded 'Bikini pic want'.  Don't read his sentence like a spell checker.. just understand his feelings!

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