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Friday 15 December, 2017, 9:30 pm

Photo Story: The Spot where Nani stood as a Kid!

Photo Story: The Spot where Nani stood as a Kid!
Hero Nani commands a huge fan following. There is hardly anyone who hates him and fans of all the Stars look forward to watch his films with the belief that none of them would be disappointing.  

A huge cutout of Nani was set up at Sudarshan 35MM Theatre in Hyderabad. Sharing that picture, Nani wrote, 'As a kid I stood right where my feet are for many films. Now life brings me to this..without YOU I'm nothing! Will make this count.. Promise!'.

This statement only shows how grounded Nani has been despite achieving so much. Most importantly, He hasn't forgotten his roots and have got immense respect his profession. Anyone in such frame of mind would reach much greater heights.

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