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Pic Talk: Eternal Hotness Personified Beauty

Pic Talk: Eternal Hotness Personified Beauty
We see many actresses even in Hollywood or European countries not being able to stay afloat with the fans after a point of time.

With the arrival of new actresses they tend to get old and forgotten. But in the case of Malaika Arora, the actress and MTV Ex-VJ, has managed to stay fit and desirable even at her age.

Well, she is 44 and still, she looks like a teenager and that is eternal hotness personified in one beauty for you.

You can see her appearing on the magazine covers in hot dresses and poses all the time. Still, she has a knack of surprising her fans and this image is no less in doing that. Go ahead, tell us, that it is not as hot as we say it is, if you can!

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