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Friday 19 October, 2018, 11:37 am

Pic Talk: Eye Infection Troubling Pawan Kalyan

Pic Talk: Eye Infection Troubling Pawan Kalyan
Some time ago at Rangasthalam success meet, Pawan Kalyan himself revealed that he's suffering from an issue related to eyes hence he is wearing spectacles even during the night. He confirmed that they are not his style statement.

It looks like the Janasena president is getting bothered by the eye infection even after weeks. Other day when he turned up at Nela Ticket audio launch, he's seen wearing the same glasses. But when he occasionally removed them, one could notice that his left eye got some more infection to be cured.

They say that it is a regular eye-infection (maybe conjunctivitis) if we have to go by his swollen upper eye-lid with little lumps and that little redness in the eye. These days Pawan is travelling a lot and following no proper sleeping pattern. Recently he has returned from Australia after a week-long family trip. It seems like all these pressures are causing his eyes to get irritated.

Anyway, with Pawan eyeing on 2019 elections and a long road in-between, he should first take care of health. Hope he recovers well soon.

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