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Pic Talk: Is she really 42?

Pic Talk: Is she really 42?
Normally, women that too actresses look desirable and hot till they are in their 20's. As they cross to 30's they start looking a bit odd as they don't really commend the attraction like they did in their 20 to 25 years of age. So, you can imagine how they look in 40's. Even in Bollywood this phenomenon is nothing unheard off.

But few actresses have managed to defy ageing and they fit and healthy as an young actress. They manage to ooze out oomph even in their 40's and one of them is Shilpa Shetty. The actress managed to stay fit for more than twenty years, since her debut in Baazigar. She is still seen as one of the most desirable women in Bollywood and the actress recently, attracted lot of attention with her sexy and raunchy photoshoot.

Now, with her dress in New York, IIFA event she again turned the glamour dose a notch up and many are unable to fathom that a person can be so fit even at her age. Not many people who do not know her completely will agree that she is 42 and Yoga is helping her a lot, we must say! 

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