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Pic talk: Nandini Reddy's Heroine Caught Smoking

Pic talk: Nandini Reddy's Heroine Caught Smoking
Director Nandini Reddy who made sound with Ala Modalaindi has gone into oblivion after the flop show of Jabardasth movie. She's now coming up with the flick Kalyana Vaibhogame.

Going through some 100s of profiles for heroine, Nandini has finally zeroed on Yevade Subramanyam heroine Malavika Nair. This cute girl also looks like Nitya Menon from some angles and is spontaneous actor like her. In the newly released pictures of this movie, we could see her smoking a puff. Dressed in a saree and sitting along hero Naga Shourya, she took cigarette into hand for a romantic scene.

We have to see if all these acts will yield a hit for Nandini or not.

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