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Sunday 23 September, 2018, 10:58 am

Pic Talk: Sunny's Bikini Treat From Trial Room

Pic Talk: Sunny's Bikini Treat From Trial Room
Apparently, Sunny Leone is in the news from the last few days for talking about her own cosmetic product line up and also for talking about the Asifa rape incident. And it looks like she wants to refresh the mindsets of her fans from the mixed emotions.

Sharing a picture straight from the trial room, where she sipped into a cadmium orange coloured bikini. "I think this one works for me!! Gotta buy it! A colour I never thought I would be into!" said Sunny Leone, flaunting her typical curves in this dazzling swimwear which she wants to buy.

Heading to Cape Town to take part in the shooting of her upcoming film, it looks like the tempting seductress is enjoying her window shopping as well. And in the way she's sharing pictures from the trial room, fans are looking forward to seeing if more pics will come.

On films front, Sunny Leone signed two more Southern films, a Tamil-Telugu bilingual kind of projects, which will go on floors soon.


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