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Pichiga Nachav Movie Review

Pichiga Nachav Movie Review
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Release date : March 17, 2017
Starring :
Sanjeev, Chetana Uttej, Nandu, Karunya
Director : V. Sasibhushan
Producer : Kamal Kumar Pendem
Music Director : Ram Narayana
Rating : 2.25/5

Piccchaga Nacchyav marks the debut of comedian Uttej’s daughter Chetana Uttej. The youthful love story has finally hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


Chandu(Sanjeev) is a happy go lucky youth who falls in love with a girl who ditches him and gets married to some one else. This is the same time when Anu(Chetana), who is the younger sister of Chandu’s ex, also falls in love with him.

Upset by the games played by today’s generation girls, Chandu lays a challenge to Anu to get close to him physically to prove her true love. What will Anu do now? Will she go ahead and do the inevitable? To know these answers, you need to watch the film on the big screen.

Plus Points:

The plot chosen is quite realistic and goes well with today’s generation mentality. The interval bang and the manner in which the hero lays a condition to the heroine have been executed decently. Nandu looks handsome and plays his part well.

Certain emotions surrounding Chetana’s character have been dealt well by the director. Even though Chetana Uttej looks just about okay, she has done a decent job with her performance. The way she has showcased some strong emotions during the second half proves that she is a decent enough actor.

Minus Points:

The film takes a lot of time to get into its actual story. The first fifteen minutes are quite bland and do not have much to offer. The comedy episodes featuring hero’s friends are outright silly and spoil the flow of the film.

The climax of the film is stretched to no extent. The entrance of Naga Babu and the way he helps the hero, all these things look out of place and unrealistic. As the twist is revealed post the interval, certain scenes become quite predictable and routine. The film also suffers from a lackluster supporting cast which does not bring much depth to the film.

Technical Aspects:

Production values of the film are decent as the small town set up has been showcased convincingly through some very good camera work. Dialogues are contemporary and suit today’s fast-paced lives. The screenplay of the film is just about okay as the film has a roller-coaster kind of film. Music is below average as none of the songs are worth any mention.

Coming to the director Sesibhusan, he has written a decent plot but his execution falters in many areas. Just when you think, the film is getting interesting he adds unnecessary scenes, irritating comedy and unwanted characters to disturb the flow of the film.


On the whole, Picchaga Nacchav has a decent plot which gets disappointing by some very inadequate narration. Interesting interval bang and an emotional performance by Chetana Uttej are some assets. The lack of known faces and irritating comedy side track the film most of the time and make it a below average fare this weekend. Watch it only if you have absolutely nothing to do.

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