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Pokiri Is Flop - Varma, Luv U Sir - Puri!

Pokiri Is Flop - Varma, Luv U Sir - Puri!
Grabbing the headlines with his sensational tweets and controversial statements is child's play for RGV.  Varma speaks his mind unlike all other celebrities and he has recently made sensational comments on Mahesh Babu blockbuster film 'Pokiri'.  He said that it is a flop.  'Pokiri' released a decade ago, then why did he term it a flop now?

Varma is known for his illogically logical statements and logically illogical comments. He has done the same now.  Varma's disciple Puri Jagan is presently working on 'Mehbooba' movie with his son Akash Puri.  Varma watched a few scenes from 'Mehbooba' recently and he got mesmerised with the output.  He tweeted that "I just saw parts of  @purijagan's Mehbooba and I strongly feel @urstrulyMahesh's Pokiri is a flop in comparison ..Could be becos of his love for his son that he made this film so fucking special ..Whatever reason it's FUCKING looking EPIC".

Jagan is thrilled to see his 'guru' appreciating his film and replied him "First time my boss considered me as a filmmaker. That's my biggest compliment in my life. Lov u sir".   

With a single tweet, Varma made the people to talk about 'Mehbooba' by comparing it with 'Pokiri'.  If he says that 'Mehbooba's brilliant, nobody will care. When he compares it with Pokiri, the same appreciation will become a hot topic.  Who will know these things better than Varma?

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