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Tuesday 25 September, 2018, 3:33 pm

Police Protection to release this Star's film!

Police Protection to release this Star's film!
Normally, Star hero films come with a lot of fanfare that theatres do ask for police protection to control the crowds. But here, the police protection is demanded by the producer to not control the crowds but to just release the film without much ruckus. It is highly uncommon for a producer to file such protection but the producer of Ramleela, Malayalam film, had to do so.

Star hero of Malayalam, Dileep is going through a personal crisis as he is the main accused in actress Bhavana's molestation case. The actor had been denied bail even today, that is, 18th of September by Angamaly Court, Kochi. From past two months he is in the remand of police and he has been pleading not guilty in the issue. Even his close friends, family members are being investigated regarding the case and the actor seems to be drowned neck deep into the mud pond.

While, this issue is going on, Ramleela producer waited for more than 50 days to see of the issue dies down and the actor gets a bail, so that he can promote the movie. But as the issue seems to be dragging on with a judgement and the actor is still in the jail, the producer decided to release the film on 28th of September. The decision has triggered many protests against the film and the actor. Also, the theatre managements whoever decided to exhibit the movie, have received bomb threats. Hence, the producer applied for police protection and asked Government to help him release the movie, smoothly.

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