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Poonam Kaur's Open Love for Pawan Kalyan!

Poonam Kaur's Open Love for Pawan Kalyan!
Pawan Kalyan has scores of fans - male and female. He also has die-hard fans among stars like Nithiin. But a heroine openly expressing her love towards the powerstar is surprising.

Poonam Kaur is making no bones about expressing her admiration for the star, but those in the industry are wondering if there is more than meets the eye.

The actress who is from Hyderabad recently tweeted that she is going to launch a handloom event. She then added 'what can be a better occasion than September 2, Pawan Kalyan's birthday'.

People say she is a hardcore fan of Pawan Kalyan, because of which she is behaving like regular fans. However, putting a hashtag #PKLove has sparked new rumours. Is she trying to send powerstar a signal or is she expressing her crush on him?

Pawan Kalyan is a married man and he is now into politics as well. It has to be seen how he responds to an actress’ open declaration of admiration towards him.

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