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Wednesday 21 November, 2018, 10:44 pm

Prabhas Friends Offered 75 Crore For #RC12

Prabhas Friends Offered 75 Crore For #RC12
After the phenomenal success of 'Rangasthalam' which grossed over Rs 200 crore Worldwide, There is tremendous craze for Ram Charan's upcoming flick in the business circles. Fancy Prices have been offered by leading production houses for bagging the distribution rights of Charan-Boyapati's Flick.

Worldwide Theatrical Rights of 'Rangasthalam' were sold out for Rs 80 crore. UV Creations which was owned by Prabhas close buddies Pramod and Vamshi offered Rs 75 crore for Theatrical Rights in Telugu States alone. Whereas, Producer DVV Danayya isn't interested as he wishes to sell rights of AP and Nizam for Rs 90 to 100 crore. He is most likely to sell the rights area-wise. If not entire Telugu States, UV Creations is looking forward to bag the rights of Nizam and Ceded territories which have maximum potential.   

Theatrical Rights of #RC12 will alone fetches Rs 110 to 120 crore for the Producer. Inclusion of the Satellite, Digital and Audio Rights take the Pre-Release Business to Rs 130 to 145 crore.

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