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Producer Reveals Baahubali Budget, No Profit from 1st Part

Producer Reveals Baahubali Budget, No Profit from 1st Part
On the day when the trailer of 'Baahubali 2' is breaking records on social media, the film's producer has shocked one and all by revealing the film's budget and revenues of first part.

During the trailer launch event in Mumbai, film's producer Shobu Yarlagadda revealed that they have spent around Rs 450 Cr to make both parts of 'Baahubali'. This is the highest ever budget for any Indian film, a few cores more or less to the budget of Shankar and Rajnikanth's epic VFX extravaganza '2.0'.

When Baahubali was released two years ago, several rumors about the film's budget made rounds. It was constructively reported that the film was made on a whopping budget of Rs 150-200 Cr. The second part must have have cost the makers much higher or the total wouldn't have gone up to Rs 450 Cr.

More shockingly, Shobu said that they didn't make any money on the first part, which grossed Rs 600 Cr worldwide. Probably, the distributors and exhibitors filled their pockets. He added that they are expecting to be compensated with the revenues of 'Baahubali 2'.

Well, irrespective of Baahubali first part, the second part itself has reportedly done Rs 500 Cr pre-release business including all. After watching the film's trailer, trade analysts predict that the first Rs 1000 Cr grosser of Indian cinema is on its way.

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