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Promo Talk: Balayya With Bundle Of Energy

Promo Talk: Balayya With Bundle Of Energy

Ever since Nandamuri Balakrishna-Puri Jagannadh combo announced, audience curiosity raised on the project.  First look, Balayya new getup, stumper have already impressed the audience.  The makers have released the title song promo now.

Music director Anup Rubens gave foot tapping tune for the title song and Balayya matched the tune with his wonderful energy.  Not just Nandamuri fans but everybody will be stunned at the energy Balayya has shown in the song.  Balayya's fast dance moves.. Kyra Dutt glamour.. Anup Rubens peppy tune made the song an instant hit.  Balayya fans are delighted with the song.  

As the movie is getting ready for the release on September 1,  this promo song gave a feeling to the fans that it is surely going to be a Paisa Vasool film.  Shriya Saran, Muskan Sethi are the heroines in this film.

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