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Promo Talk: CCTV Cameras in NTR's Bedroom!

Promo Talk: CCTV Cameras in NTR's Bedroom!
These days, Leading Entertainment Channels have been hiring Star Heroes for hosting Shows. After NTR & Chiru for MEK, It's now the turn of NTR for Telugu 'Bigg Boss'.

Promos of 'Bigg Boss' have been creating tremendous buzz already. While Tarak appeared more like James Bond in Promo 1, We get to see his other angle in Promo 2. In the Promo, Tarak wakes up from sleep and gets shocked to find cameras in his bedroom. It ends with the dialogue, 'Ori Nayano, Camera Lu Evaru Ra Ikkada Pettindhi...Nenu Pettamani Cheppindhi Bigg Boss House Lo, Naa House Lo Kadu'.

This new promo is an attempt to convey the concept of 'Bigg Boss' to the Telugu People. Except Washrooms, There will cameras everywhere in the Bigg Boss House. Viewers will get to see how a group of 15 celebs spend 100 days in a single location.

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