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Radhika Apte says 'Bold is Gold'...!

Radhika Apte says 'Bold is Gold'...!
We have come across the saying 'old is gold'.  But Bollywood heroine Radhika Apte is saying that 'bold is gold'. We can understand the statement of Radhika because she is permanant adress for bold scenes. She is even ready to act in nude scenes without any inhibitions. She is intelligent to talk about her boldness in a convincing way also.

Apart from her bold scenes, Radhika is known for frank & open statements. She is saying that she doesn't believe acting nude for the sake of just being nude.  She said she agrees to act nude when her role has importance and if it demands nudity.  She came up with a caption that bold is gold. Interesting.. isn't it?

When she was asked what about her husband's reaction on this.. How does he reacts to these bold scenes...nude scenes in particular ? She answered that her husband supports her.. he won't say anything.. he just watches her charater on the screen but not her.  You have a perfect life partner Radhika...!

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