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Raja Meeru Keka Movie Review

Raja Meeru Keka Movie Review
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Cast: Revanth, Noel, Mirchi RJ Hemanth, Lasya, Swetha, Taraka Ratna
Producer: Raj Kumar
Director: T.Krishna Kishore
Music: Sri Charan
Rating: 1.5/5.0


Ravi (Revanth) son of a school teacher and Swetha (Lasya) work in software company True Tech. Both try to solve their family problems, repay loans with their salaries. They have friends Sashank (Noel), expert in stock market and Seenu (RJ Hemanth),son of a rich dad, both passing time without any job. Ravi fall in love with Dr. Sarayu (Shobhita).

Ravi express his love to Dr.Sarayu, Sashank and Seenu with much convincing decide to invest ten lakhs in shares. However they get huge shock when their dreams get crushed. To find out more about it and what is their connection with True Tech CEO Nagaraju (Taraka Ratna) and Chief Minister of the state (Posani Krishna Murali),enjoy Raja Meeru Keka on silver screen.


Generally, lead pairs become plus point in any film. However the lead cast in the film Revanth, Noel, Hemanth, Lasya, Swetha turned out to be the biggest drawback.

All of them tried sincerely to impress movie lovers. However their characters are written in such a manner that they overacted and came with only one expression writ on their faces. Noel sported angry expressions, Revanth couldn't get any expression, Lasya and Swetha did not get much scope to perform. Swetha looked good in appearance but she got a very limited role.

What is surprising all is Tarak Ratna who played the important role too failed to elevate the role. He too came with the irritating one expression. Posani failed to attract as Chief Minister. Only RJ Hemanth attracted with his routine comedy to some extent. Others performed according to their roles.


Sri Charan's music is average. There are very few songs but none of them are appealing. Background score is loud and it did not help the film. The cinematography of Ram Reddy is OK. Uddhav's editing could have been far better.

Director Krishna Kishore came with a routine story with no real twists and turns and ended up irritating the viewers. He should have gauged the pulse of the people before proceeding ahead with the project. Production values are adequate.

Plus Points:


To some extent Hemanth

Minus Points:

Routine Story

Illogical narration

Screenplay, Direction

Lack of twists and turns



Director Krishna Kishore tried to score a hit highlighting the software and real estate scams, the nexus between the corporates and politicians and how common people get affected with them.

Though the plot may look interesting, Krishna Kishore came with a routine, monotonous and boring story to test the patience of the viewers. Right from the start to finish he gave immense torture to the viewers with his substandard screenplay and direction.

With no real twists and turns, the film ended up scaring viewers away from the theatres. The slow pace of the film and illogical narration made many feel that serials are better than this film and one can say aspiring directors should watch this film to know how not to make a film.


Raja Meeru Keka scares away movie lovers.

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