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Rajamouli Asked That Kind Of Story

Rajamouli Asked That Kind Of Story
Entire 'Baahubali 2' team is enjoying the historical success of the film.  Rajamouli achieved huge recognition for delivering a massive hit..on the other hand, audience are showering appreciation on the writer Vijayendra Prasad who has provided story for the film.  With the massive success of 'Baahubali 2', audience are eagerly waiting to know the details about their next project.

Even though there are several rumours doing rounds regarding Rajamouli's next project there is no clarity.  But Vijayendra Prasad recently told that "Rajamouli didn' say anything about what kind of story he wants for his next film.. but he said that what kind of story he didn't want. He said that his next film should not have Graphics element. So I'm preparing a story based on that".

Rajamouli has already revealed the same thing sometime back.  He said that he wanted to do his next film without VFX work and without Kamalakannan. As Vijayendra Prasad also confirmed the same, it is clearly evident that Rajamouli's next film is not going to be a grand project like 'Baahubali'.  

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