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Rajamouli Played It Safe This Sankranthi

Rajamouli Played It Safe This Sankranthi
Numero uno director SS Rajamouli and Young Tiger NTR's friendship is well known to every Tollywood fan. It was with NTR's Student No.1 that Rajamouli made his directorial debut and their association carried on with two more blockbusters, Simhadri and Yamadonga.

Jakkanna appreciated the trailer of NTR's Nannaku Prematho when it was released in December. Naturally, everyone one thought that he would tweet something about the film after it released for Sankranthi. Instead, Rajamouli chose to be mysteriously silent.

This got everyone wondering if Jakkanna didn't like the film. But here's the real truth. Rajamouli maintains a close relation with Balakrishna and Nagarjuna, whose films were also in the Sankranthi battle and got a hit talk allover.

This must have made Jakkanna to remain silent as he did not want to upset other heroes by tweeting about just one film and draw more attention towards it. Instead, he ended up being totally away from the Sankranthi fever.

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