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Sunday 25 February, 2018, 1:09 pm

Rajamouli's 'Mahabharatham' as 5-6 parts

Rajamouli's 'Mahabharatham' as 5-6 parts
Rajamouli's 'Mahabharatham', if and ever it happens five or ten years from now, will make 'Baahubali' look like a medium-range film.  Going by K Vijayendra Prasad's words, that's the impression you get.

The epic mythological will be a much bigger world than 'Baahubali'.  Prasad's wish is that it should be made in 5-6 parts.  Imagine the world of 'Mahabharatham' going on and on for those many parts.  And imagine how many years of the father-son duo's life it's going to take up.  Just a 2-part 'Baahubali' was so majestic, out-of-the-world and universal in its essence.  And it consumed a whole 5 years.  

Rajamouli feels that the present technological advancement doesn't suffice to make 'Mahabharatham'.  Even 'Baahubali' was much like a preparation to do something huge like the said film!


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