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Rajamouli's Next: What Is On Audience Mind?

Rajamouli's Next: What Is On Audience Mind?
Let's get to the point straight- What type of film should Rajamouli make now to set the standards and expectations he himself created?

As our director already stated that he is looking forward to making a story that won't need any visual effects and his father also confirming it, audiences are wondered what kind of film Rajamouli will come up with. Notwithstanding the idea that Jakkanna wants to direct a non-visual-effects film, many are opining that he should now direct films with a bigger canvas.

Like war dramas, science fiction films and stories that span over centuries, people feel Rajamouli should deliver bigger projects even if he carves out 1 film in 2-3 years. Some say that the likes of Spielberg and Cameron made only fewer films but grabbed all the collections, awards and accolades as well, and they want Rajamouli to repeat the similar feat.

Otherwise, if Rajamouli wants to make commercial movies then he should focus on creating superheroes films like that of Spiderman, Ironman and Transformers series. People don't want to settle down for some Chatrapathi and Vikramarkudu kinds of films from Rajamouli anymore.

What will Rajamouli say to these expectations? Will he lend an ear? Only time has the answer!

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