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Rajamouli Said No To Jinthaktha tha..

Rajamouli Said No To Jinthaktha tha..
Aspiring filmmakers often use at least one element inspired by the movies of Flopless director Rajamouli. Though it is normal for the movie people it won't work out every time because the audience might get bored. But only a few makers realize this. Digging into the story, the promotions of an upcoming movie are in full swing these days.

The movie is Juvva which is currently a hot topic in social media. Though the expectations are less on it, the makers are confident that it will become a hit. To increase the hype they are even using Megastar as well. Initially, the title Juvva was not finalized. But we all know how big of a hit, jinthaktha tha song from Rajamouli's Vikramarkudu became. So, the makers thought of keeping Jinthaktha tha as the title.

The movie director Trikoti has already worked as an assistant director under Rajamouli. As he said no, Trikoti changed the title. Rajamouli stated that it is a funny word and the audience might get confused with such title. Juvva is all set to hit the theatres on Friday. M.M.Keeravani is composing the tunes for the film.

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