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Rajamouli Says He Is The Best

Rajamouli Says He Is The Best
When audience talk about 'Baahubali' they talk about visual effects.. war sequences.. and other additional attractions. But 'Baahubali' has powerful characters.  The artistes who played those characters delivered superb performances.. there is no doubt about it. But who is the best among them ? Audience come up with different answers to this question.

Some audience may say that Prabhas is the best.. some say that Ramya Krishna performance is unmatchable.. some say that it's Rana who delivered power packed performance.  Some vote for Sathyaraj for his formidable Kattappa character.  When Rajamouli asked the same question, he surprised everybody with his answer.  

He said that "Everybody has got powerful characters in the film.. but only Nasser character is weak in the film. Everybody excelled in their roles but.. If I have to choose one artiste, I will vote for Nasser.  Nasser role is not that strong..  'Baahubali' movie will not have much difference in the absence of Bijjaladeva role.  Even though the role is weak,  Nasser took it to the next level with his stellar performance.  Each and every scene of Nasser is a treat to watch.  Nasser is the the best in my opinion".

On the other hand, he opined that Rana and Anushka exceeded his expectations and delivered sound performances.  He said that both of them impressed everybody with their facial expressions in this film.  He said that when Sivagami annnounces Rana as the king, Rana and Anushka nailed it with facial expressions. 

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