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Rajamouli Senses Allu Arjun's Heroism

Rajamouli Senses Allu Arjun's Heroism
Rajamouli is known to elevate heroism to the core in his movies. Many of his films such as Magadheera, Simhadri, Vikramarkudu etc. are the replica of heroism oriented films. But then, his directorial skills dominated all other factors including heroism in movies such as Baahubali and Eega.

Stylish Star Allu Arjun and Rajamouli haven't teamed up so far for any film. But the duo was caught at the Traffic Awareness Camp held in Hyderabad yesterday. Both attended the event as chief guests.

Given his recent super hits and blockbusters, Stylish Star's image has grown by leaps and bounds and it was reflected in the event. Fans were cheered looking at their favourite hero with huge shouts and whistles. Somehow, it appeared like Rajamouli sensed real heroism of Allu Arjun with his thought provoking speech and stardom among masses.

If at all, Allu Arjun and Rajamouli's combo gets materialized it would be a treat for fans as Allu Arjun's heroism might be shown peaks by the director. But then, will it ever happen?

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