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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 6:26 pm

Rajinikanth Another Movie With Pa Ranjith

Rajinikanth Another Movie With Pa Ranjith

Usually, when a director churns out a hit, the hero gives him a second chance. The audiences too want them to work together again. Similarly, many heroes give a second chance to the director who gave him a flop. They hope that he would be able to pull of a hit in the second attempt.

Though young director Pa. Ranjith's first film with super star Rajini 'Kabali' failed, Rajini still gave him a second chance. So, Kala came. In fact, Rajini gave him a chance despite some opposition from some quarters. Even this film seems to be a lukewarm fare. There isn't much buzz despite the rave reviews. The story is insipid and the fare is routine. But, despite this, Rajini has okayed another project with Pa. Ranjith. Rajini has agreed to do a film for director Karthik Subbaraju. Once this project gets over, Rajini will do another film and this will be directed by Ranjith again. Will he be third time lucky? Or will the fans say enough is enough and no more Rajini- Ranjith films?

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