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Monday 19 November, 2018, 5:26 am

Rakul Preet Singh Movie Offers in Telugu Film Industry

Rakul Preet Singh Movie Offers in Telugu Film Industry
Rakul Preet Singh has been one of the top actresses until Spyder came her way. She decided to concentrate on her Bollywood dream and gave more importance to Tamil Industry, while her well-established Telugu career has gone down rapidly.

Kajal and Samantha too faced such issue, but they recovered very quickly. Tamannah who looked like their biggest rival, when faced with such issue, couldn't come back and still she is not as bigger star as those two, even though famous.

Rakul Preet who is 5 years younger to them, seems to be going Tamannah's way or even worse. Tamannah had Baahubali to at least keep her fame.

But Rakul Preet Singh is going on talk shows to be in the public memory. All of a sudden, her meteoric rise has be pushed back by her decisions only.

Whoever saw her, on a recent talk show host by a comedian, which is not a huge thing on Television and has past it's prime and peak, long back, are shocked.

She appeared slim than ever and also her charm seems to have gone too. After being a star attraction to many films and huge head-turner at shows, this seemed like a low for her.

We have to wait and see, if producers will cast her again, as she herself lost an advantageous position with some rash decisions at wrong time!

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