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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 4:22 pm

Rakul to be Harish Shankar's Heroine!

Rakul to be Harish Shankar's Heroine!
Rakul Preet Singh has been waiting to sign her next Telugu film, but there haven't been many offers.

Although she is a top-league actress in Telugu, her films have fared badly of late making producers and directors to think twice about casting her.

With a series of flops this year like ‘Winner’, ‘Jaya Janaki Nayaka’ and ‘Spyder’, her success ratio has come down drastically.

Thankfully, ‘Khakee’ did well at the box-office, but like in Spyder, Rakul's role was highly criticized. So, what will be her movies in 2018? As of now, she is said to have signed director Harish Shankar’s multi-starrer.

And being an author-backed role, Rakul is said to have given her nod to it. The film will of course have two heroes and another heroine.

On the other hand, while she was the first choice for Ram Charan's film with Boyapati, the makers are thinking of casting Anu Emmanuel or Raasi Khanna in the film. Meanwhile, reports say Anu has already given her nod.

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