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Ram Gopal Varma says he will commit suicide... but when?

Ram Gopal Varma says he will commit suicide... but when?
It sounds weird..but it is true. Maverick film maker Ram Gopal Varma says that he will commit suicide.  But not now.  He is saying that when he becomes old and unable to live without the assistance of others, then he will end his life forcibly.  He has his own reasons to come up with this kind of weird thoughts.  He said he doesn't like to depend on others. If that situation arises, he will commit suicide. He said has always been healthy man and suffering with even fever is a rare thing for him. He doesn't want to meet anybody when he is ill.

When it comes to the topic of 'how audience should remember him'.. he said that he doesn't have any idea and never cares about that.  When he was asked if he is willing to accept a doctorate... he answered that 'there is no one who is knowledgeable than me to confer me doctorate'. When he was asked about movie on KCR.. he answered 'wait and see'.  He said he did not have any plans to make another film.  'Nuclear' will start in May.. made as an English film, it takes two years to complete the film as per him.  

Responding on his statements praising Rajamouli, while saying that he doesn't like his films at the same time.."It is my personal feeling to like his movies.. or dislike them.   But he proved the potentiality of the Telugu movie market.  By no means it's a small achievement" he signs off.

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