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Rana Daggubati’s big plan ahead

Rana Daggubati’s big plan ahead
Rana Daggubati is the one Telugu actor who is happening even in Hindi and Tamil cinema. Though he has not been seen in any Telugu film this year, according to a source, he is planning a big project in the coming year.

Everyone knows that he recently teamed up with a talent management company called KWAN. According to a source, the actor wants to take it to another level and is now taking complete charge of the entire South India region.

“Rana has many contacts in Tollywood, and so he is asking his colleagues to join his company. His father owns a studio and other equipment related to filmmaking and now Rana owns a talent management company, with which they are planning more movies in the coming years,” says the source.

Their first part of their plan is with Naga Chaitanya’s film that is slated to start next year. He is already in touch with many other actors and actresses. Meanwhile, the regular PRs who look after the artiste’s dates are a worried lot as Rana is grabbing their chances. Usually managers’ fee is 20 per cent of the actor’s total remuneration, but if actors join Rana, the managers will lose control, especially on actresses who mostly come from Mumbai.

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