Rangasthalam Poster Controversy: Take It Easy Folks

Other day a poster released by "Rangasthalam" team has received severe criticism, not from fans or cinema lovers, but from critics. Because the poster mentioned that the film is the biggest hit of TFI with 175 crores gross collection. Though the disclaimer "Non-Baahubali" is added at the bottom, people felt that Ram Charan's makers insulted Baahubali movie.

With criticism at the peak, mega fans took to social media to clarify about the posters. "Even if a film flops at the box office, the makers of the movie still call for success meets and paste posters that read super hit. For many films that released in 2018 so far, we have witnessed it already. All that is done, only to attract some more audiences to theatres. In a similar fashion, this particular poster is also to attract more audiences but not to defame any other movie", opined fans.

Also if we have to speak upright, no other film that makes a pre-release business of 100 crores and below will be able to hit Baahubali collections. And when people are saying a particular film created records, then definitely it is a 'Non-Baahubali' record only. Like the way they add a particular disclaimer called 'mutual investments are subjected to market risks', one should understand that by default any record that is being talked is 'non baahubali' only. So why the big fuss about the poster?

On the flip side, true admirers of "Rangasthalam" feel that the makers should have completely avoided these box office figures and calling the numbers on posters as that lessens the film's thunderous achievement. No matter whether producers claim it or not, Rangasthalam stood next to Baahubali 1 and 2 when it comes to box office performance.

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