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Ranveer and Deepika spotted on a dinner date!

Ranveer and Deepika spotted on a dinner date!
Though alleged lovebirds Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have never made it official, their actions speak for their fondness and love towards each other.

On a late Friday night, Ranveer and Deepika had gone out on a dinner date at a pub in Lower Parel.

According to a source, “They both had a good time and they even hit the dance floor. Cricketer and Deepika’s ex- Yuvraj Singh was seen in their company last night.”

While they made an exit, the chivalrous Ranveer Singh escorted the dimpled-beauty to her car, and later left with his friend from the venue.

Check out the pictures here:

They both twinned in blues, but there were some things missing from the picture, and it was Deepika’s smile as Ranveer’s usual energetic vibe.

However, there were reports of the duo permanently parting ways with each other.

A well-informed source had earlier revealed, “Ranveer and Deepika have been together for five years. They are no longer a couple. There was no bitter parting. They just drifted apart. They both tried to make it work with the help of their supportive families who wanted to ensure that the relationship made it to the altar. That was one of the problems with the relationship. Ranveer wanted a marriage. Deepika completely opposed the idea, arguing that marriage would affect her career at its prime.”

Sources say that Ranveer was patient. “Even when they were shooting in separate continents, he would fly down to be with her whenever possible. He gave Deepika lots of space and never allowed any suspicion to creep in even when rumours of a relationship with Vin Diesel reached his ears.”

Whereas, another reason citing their strange behaviour in public was their ‘Padmavati’ filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s diktat, that they react distant under the media glare.

“In their personal space, the two continue to share a very comfortable relationship. There was some strain in their relationship in between, when both of them were busy shooting in different parts of the world — Ranveer in Paris for Befikre and Deepika in LA for xXx. It was also being said that Ranveer resented Deepika’s continuing closeness with her old friend Ranbir Kapoor. However, the two are very much in love and pretending to be estranged for the sake of the film. In fact, Deepika ignores Ranveer completely in public, leading to people assuming that they’ve split. They make separate entries into parties, and mingle only when the cameras are not watching. And when a photographer clicks them together, they get very upset.” the source said.

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