Rashmi Diagnosed with Rheumatism

A tweet from anchor turned actress Rashmi Gautham‘s fan is more than enough to say how vulnerable the actresses are who are subjected to objectivity when their outward appearance is seen as a yardstick for their performance instead of real worth. Her answer to the tweet is something that strikes us like a big blow straight on the face.

The pointed at her growing weight in a recent event for which she draped a sari and how she must be maintaining her body to look fit and healthy. He even suggested her to turn fitness freak like 30plus heroines aka Samantha, Kajal Agarwal and others who are hitting the gym regularly and maintaining a slim figure. Rashmi Gautham took no offense to this tweet but gave clarity on her health condition.

 She has an autoimmune disorder and was also diagnosed with rheumatism when she was a 12-year old. So, being a fitness freak is a choice and not a compulsion. Moreover, she is not worried about her career as an actress as she knows that career in the glamour industry has a certain shelf life. She said that she spoke about her disorder once before but no one paid heed to it. Well, one must understand that actresses can’t go on sacrificing everything for the sake of their career and their decision is final.

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