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Wednesday 26 September, 2018, 3:23 am

Rashmi on doing in GST 2

Rashmi on doing in GST 2
Maverick movie maker Ram Gopal Varma announced he'd make a GST sequel. The director who made the documentary, God, S3x Truth movie showed Mia Malkova in nvde and in all possible angles. He even announced that the movie is a big hit as well and then announced he'd make sequel.

Soon after his announcement Shakeela said she's willing to do in GST 2 if Varma is okay with casting her. Varma got into silent mode.

Latest actress Rashmi Gautam was asked on live on social media by a young fan if she's given a chance to do in GST 2 will she do. Rashmi clarified she'd do in GT2 but not GST2.

GT2 is Praveen Sattaru's sequel on Guntur Talkies. Who can forget Rashmi's skin show in the Guntut Talkies. It was only from then she became extremely popular. Director showed Rashmi really pretty in the adult comedy. Hence she has no hesitation to do int its sequel. As for GST 2, Rashmi is no!

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