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Rashmika's policy: Cheap Scissors And More Ribbons

Rashmika's policy: Cheap Scissors And More Ribbons
An average success or two help most of the heroine grow horns and hike the remuneration to shocking digits. Rashmika Mandanna is not that type and she is still on the ground though she has got two biggest blockbusters in recent times, Chalo and Geetha Govindam. Rashmika reportedly demands a reasonable remuneration, mostly what a producer offers.

Apart from movies, Rashmika is getting busy with shop and mall openings since few days. Her reasonable demands are attracting more shop owners, they say. Usually, an actress of Rashmika's range ask for somewhere around 10 lakhs for inaugurating a shop, but Rashmika is doing it just for five lakhs. Looks like the actress knows that shop owners prefer her over other actresses only if she quotes lesser that others' numbers.

Well, with this diplomatic and optimistic approach, Rashmika is getting busier each day with more and more ribbon cuttings. Rashmika's discounts and deals look quite interesting than the discounts offered by the shopping malls.

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