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Sunday 18 November, 2018, 6:51 pm

RC12 Sold For 74 Cr On Charan's Advise

RC12 Sold For 74 Cr On Charan's Advise

Generally, if a film scores hit and collected 'x' crores from a particular region, then the next film of that star will be sold at 'x' crores price, leaving everyone in a shocker. Because now, the film has to collect x+1 crores to leave the distributors in profits. Let's move to Charan-Boyapati film trade from this Maths class now.

Unlike many other producers who just cash on the hero's previous hit, it looks like producer DVV Danayya has taken an interesting call to sell #RC12. Smashing blockbuster "Rangasthalam" has collected nearly 92+ crores 'share' from AP and Nizam alone in its run of 126+ crores share. Going by these numbers, definitely, Danayya is expected by trade circuits to sell #RC12 at around 90 crores.

But the latest update is that UV Creations has owned the rights of this film at around 74 crores on the basis of a non-returnable agreement. Reports are coming that Ram Charan has advised not to sell the film at immense prices and also UV creations want to make sure that they will bet a reasonable amount than shedding huge amounts in the rat race.

As per trade estimates, the film's pre-release business is likely to touch 90 crores if it is going at this speed. And then, the movie has to become a super hit to recover this bet on it. Directed by Boyapati Sreenu, #RC12 is likely to hit cinemas on the eve of Sankranthi 2019.

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