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Regina Sizzles In Ribbon Cutting Event

Regina Sizzles In Ribbon Cutting Event
She started her movie career with Tamil films but achieved good recognition in Telugu.  But she could not achieve star status even after appearing in several Telugu films. Except 'Nakshatram' she doesn't have any other offer in her kitty in Telugu now.  She understood the situation and shifted her focus on to Tamil films again.   

Regina is a brand ambassador for an Eyecare hospital.. she has recently launched their new branch in Hyderabad.  Being a brand ambassador wherever there is a new branch opening, Regina will attend the launch event.  Regina appeared glamorous in the event and grabbed the attention of everybody.  She looked gorgeous with a blue dress on the black top revealing the cleavage beauty.  She was in a hairdo similar to a pony tail and appeared stylish.  She completed the ribbon cutting programme amind cheerful crowd.

Meanwhile, Regina is eagerly waiting for the release of  Krishna Vamsi directorial 'Nakshtram'.  Regina said to have worked hard by allotting bulk dates for this film.  Even Krishna Vamsi praised Regina by comparing her with Ramyakrishna.  We have to wait and see whether audience also feel the same or not.

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