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Wednesday 21 November, 2018, 4:40 pm

Regina Slapped The Guy Misbehaved

Regina Slapped The Guy Misbehaved
Following Hollywood actresses exposing top filmmakers over casting couch, many Indian film actresses started sharing their shocking ordeals. In the midst of all this, happening babe Regina Cassandra, the sultry temptress beauty in Tollywood shared her shocking MeToo experience.

Regina revealed that she faced two shocking ordeals during her college days.

'While I was going to college, one guy touched me from the back and calmly left as if nothing happened. I couldn't take a step forward due to shock as it happened for the first time. During that time I questioned myself on why to lead such a life though I did not commit any crime while the real culprit walked away boldly.

When a similar incident repeated, I did not keep quiet but gave the miscreant left and right though I was feared that something would happen if he revolts. Despite gripped in fear, Islapped him tightly and with the guy leaving calmly, I decided to stay bold from then on,' Regina said. Bottom line is simple, women have to be courageous and bold to live in this society. Lesson learnt from Regina.

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