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Sunday 18 November, 2018, 9:00 pm

Renu Desai: That's Why I Took House From Pawan

Renu Desai: That's Why I Took House From Pawan
There are rumors everywhere since the breakup of Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai that the former heroine demanded huge alimony. It is spread that she took nearly 20+ crores which Pawan paid by selling his house in Nandi Hills. What's the truth?

Speaking with a media house, Renu revealed under what circumstances she actually took money from Pawan Kalyan. "Actually I've rejected to take any alimony from him. I don't want to collect any maintenance expenses as well because I'm a working lady since I'm 16 years old, so there is no need. But Pawan asked me how I would raise the kids without money and saying children will beget share in dad's properties he offered me to take that house. He sold that and gave me the money which I'm using for the sake of my kids' studies only" said Renu.

That clears the air around rumors and those rumors are not new to Renu too. "A relative of mine called from abroad, reading these rumors and accused me of being too greedy saying he didn't expect that from me. I told him me too didn't expect that he would believe such rumors" adds Renu, explaining how rumors will trouble celebs.

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