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Thursday 15 November, 2018, 12:54 pm

Review Writers Should Wait: Superstar Rajni

Review Writers Should Wait: Superstar Rajni
Today morning it's a stunner as Superstar Rajnikanth backed the opinions of newly elected Tamil producers council president, hero Vishal. As the duo attended the audio launch of the film Neruppuda in Chennai, some interesting comments have flown out.

Speaking at the occasion, hero Vishal stated that review writers should think about giving their opinions little late. He felt that if reviews come after the opening weekend, then that will help movie makers to recover their investment better. "Give a film good time to breathe. Please review a film on the fourth day. Let it be in theatres for three days", said Vishal.  Surprisingly, Superstar Rajni also felt the same.

"It is important what are you communicating through your reviews. I second Vishal's opinion about reviewers giving their opinions on the fourth day rather on the first day itself", said Rajnikanth. Also, he has given a piece of advice for distributors too." Analyse before buying a film rather just getting lost in the hype. Take advice from experienced people and buy the film. Don't cry foul after buying it for exorbitant prices" Rajni added.

Is Rajnikanth giving a punch to all the distributors who brought his films like Kabali and Lingaa at exorbitant prices and lost a big chunk of investment? Also, is he saying that review writers affected the collections of first three days? Rajni Sir, Romba Too Much Aaah!!!

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