RGV - Will You Watch GST With Your Daughter!

During a News Channel debate, Ram Gopal Varma was asked by a Women will he watch 'God, Sex and Truth' with his family, particularly with his Daughter. 'When Union Government is attempting to remove all porn websites, How could RGV create new ones? What is he trying to do to the society for his personal gains?,' she questioned.

In reply, Varma claimed both his Mother and Daughter were part of the crew of 'God, Sex and Truth'. 'This answer is enough to blast the first question raised by her,' he added.

Coming to the second question, RGV made it clear he isn't a social activist to do any favours to the society. 'You are free to ban the film with the help of Modi or any political party you work for. I continue to do the kind of films I like. Better stop giving lectures without even watching the trailer,' says the Filmmaker.

When Social Activist Sandhya came on the phone line to express her views on GST, Ram Gopal Varma said she don't have the right to speak about his movie unless she watches the trailer as cinema is a visual medium.

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